Itu’s Bones

Casts that Catch... Fush!

Casting Series in Flylife Mag’

Itu’s Bones is our current ‘Big’ project. A documentary, Bonefishing adventure, environmental preservation mission and business development project...

Casts that Catch Fish is a fly casting instructional DVD for intermediate casters. It features some very slick cinematography and graphics - and rave reviews!

We did a big fly casting series in Flylife over a year. 11 casts over 3 major spreads. Photographer Brad Harris then took the pics and made these fantastic animated sequences..

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Our iPhone App

Big day today, at least it was for me being an Apple geek, our fly casting App went live in the App store! (you have no idea how cool i think this is)

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So, what are we up to?
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iTunes - Yess!!!

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon still seems to be unstoppable, just when I though that things had settled down a little we get big news from Apple...

The project that started it all for us.  A multi award winner that broke new ground. Now a pretty much a classic and consistently on the top seller list!

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Flies that Catch...

Flies that Catch Fish is a two part Fly Tying DVD featuring the Flies of Bob Wyatt.  If you want to learn how to tie the worlds buggiest flies this is for you!

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